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Phoenix Rising Press represents a new paradigm in lesbian publishinga philosophical shift that is designed not to supplant, but to complement traditional publishing models. Phoenix Rising Press works with well-established, seasoned authors who are looking for maximum creative freedom and ownership of their work.


Phoenix Rising Press is a consortium. As such, authors invest in their own success and receive substantially larger monetary return on sales of their work than traditional publishers can offer. Authors will always own the rights to their worksincluding e-book versions and cover art. Phoenix Rising Press does not require onerous or long-term contracts. In conjunction with the assigned editor, authors will determine the length and content of their books.


Every Phoenix Rising Press title will be widely available at all bookstores, from online retail book sellers, and at the Phoenix Rising Press web store. Each title will be direct-marketed to all independent bookstores throughout the United States in advance of its release.


The principals of Phoenix Rising Press have nearly twenty years of experience in publishing, a quarter of a century in public relations and marketing, and more than thirty years in editing.


Phoenix Rising Press does not accept submissions or solicit authors who are presently under contract elsewhere.